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FORT WAYNE - Three former members of the Christian rock band Petra's original lineup have reunited to form a blues-rock power trio known as GHF, (which stands for God Has Forgiven.) Original Petra members Greg Hough (guitar, vocals), Bill Glover (drums, vocals) and John DeGroff (bass, vocals) all played on Petra's self-titled debut album, "Petra" (1974), and 1977's "Come And Join Us".

The original Petra, which also included current member Bob Hartman (guitar, vocals) formed in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the fall of 1972 while all members attended Christian Training Center, a two-year independent Bible College established by Calvary Temple. As the three members of GHF all left the original Petra lineup over time, they nonetheless stayed active in music and in various ministries. Greg Hough is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine with a thriving practice in Fort Wayne. He has recorded and played with several bands over the years, and consistently plays local venues. Bill Glover has played and recorded with several different bands, both Christian and secular and has toured extensively. He is semi-retired and living in Florida. John DeGroff has also toured and recorded extensively. He lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is a freelance journalist and musician. All three members of GHF are active in local congregations within their communities.

In 2004 and 2005, Hough, Glover and DeGroff teamed with Hartman for a series of concerts during Petra's "Farewell" tour. 2004 also saw the release of GHF's first recording "Honestly Live". This project was recorded at one of GHF's first public performances, and includes Petra songs from the first two albums plus original music written by Hough and Glover.

In the summer of 2013, GHF released it's first studio album, "GHF, God Has Forgiven, Vol. 1" This album contains all new material, with all members of the band contributing to the project.

GHF will be performing at the Cupbearer Café, 138 East 7th Street, Auburn, Indiana on Friday, May 2nd, at 7 p.m. Sharing the stage with GHF will be the band Graceful Closure, from Columbus, Ohio. For more information, please contact Cupbearer Café 260-920-8734, or visit their web site www.cupbearercafe.com

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