Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb originally hails from the Deep South, but has spent recent time fulfilling her driving desire for adventure around the world. In the past year, she has spent 3-month stints in England, California, Tennessee, and Alabama. This appetite for exploration bleeds into her songwriting, as she writes about experiences, people, and adventures worldwide. She recently graduated with a degree in vocal music from Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and now resides in her hometown of Birmingham, AL, where she is pursuing her musical career.

“For me, it’s all about lyrics and substance,” she says,  ”I’m a creative personality, but also very analytical–I need order and the opportunity to verbally process how I feel. I do that in my songs. The music comes naturally, but the lyrics are what keep me up at night. I’ll spend days at a time with lines stuck in my head, dissecting and tweaking them to best express how I feel. The songwriting process exhilarates me.”

Jessica recently released her newest single, ”Just Don't Have the Time," on iTunes and Spotify. She will release her debut EP Songs of Travel in August 2015. Follow her on Facebook,  Instagram or Twitter to find out about upcoming shows and new music.


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