Kara Claudy

I am an independent artist. I write songs that have meaning for me and explore topics that I care about. I believe that music connects souls and inspires possibilities. I'm committed to growing, both as an artist and a spiritual human being, and I invite you to come along for the journey. 

Kara Claudy is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter whose dynamic lyrics are informed by a multicultural identity and international upbringing. The daughter of a United States Marine and a Korean mother, Kara spent her childhood in points as exotic as Okinawa, Japan, and as all-American as Aurora, Colorado, and northeastern Indiana.

Her father is a music fanatic with wide-ranging tastes. At home, Pat Benatar and Heart records ruled the day, on Sundays he sang in the choir, and road trips were spent with what Kara calls “American geography” bands — Kansas, Chicago and Boston. When he was away on duty, she would keep him close by playing his favorite tunes and taking classical piano lessons. In high school, she created new bonds with friends and fellow music lovers by starting a guitar club and open mic nights for the school.

It all taught her that music brings people together in a way that transcends geographic boundaries, language barriers and different backgrounds. 

This belief is evident in her songwriting, which, like others of her ilk, explores the joy and fragility of the human experience through stories we can all identify with. While the genre’s acoustic tradition inspires her backup instrumentals, dynamic tempos couple with her rich voice to create a sound reminiscent of ’90s crossover artists like Lisa Loeb and Sarah McLachlan, and even a touch of David Gray.

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