Leanette Lopez

Leanette Lopez- Recording Artist, Author & Speaker [Cantante, Autora y Predicadora]

Singing since she was 7 and public speaking at 18, Leanette Lopez is no stranger to the platform. After years of serving on pastoral staff she now travels with her music and books. She is accompanied by her husband and daughter who often opens up for her concerts with singing. She majored in communications in Defiance and Archbold, OH. She studied Bible through Berean School of the Bible through Global University, Springfield, MO. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. With a total of 20 years of ministry on staff and traveling, Leanette has and is effectively reaching many souls for the Lord.

She has worked with producers Jerroll Lehman and Tim Miner who both have worked with well known names i.e. Winans, Kirk Franklin, Gaithers, etc. and stellar engineers. She has appeared on other recordings including jingles for commercial advertising for Sweetwater Sound in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Leanette's music recordings and books are available here on her site. Most of her work is available in English and Spanish.

Her life mission is to help people find a deeper meaning to their lives and calling through God's Spirit and His Word. Formally ordained through "Spanish American Council" & "Assemblies of God," Leanette is now serving under the leadership of Pastor Tony Scott at "Church on Strayer." When not traveling Leanette is involved with her home church. Feel free to call for your event today.

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