Mickenson Road

Mickenson Road currently consists of 4 members, Michele Miller - vocals, keyboard and synth, Ken Church - drums and percussion, Sonny McCauley - Electric and acoustic guitars and Brian Antonides - bass. 
We have been blessed to write many original Christian songs (like Stronger Than all the World and He Brings Me Home) while playing a well rounded complement of Christian cover songs found in churches today.
It's our hope that the music we play will help keep you focused as well as help you continue on that "journey" toward our Heavenly Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 
Mickenson Road also hopes  that you would consider us when you need music for your church service, or are looking for a Christian band for your fair, festival and or outings or are just simply needing some music for your personal gatherings. 
Please contact us at (260) 515-9940 ask for Ken.
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(260) 515-9940

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