Mike Lee Band

While music has always been part of Mike Lee’s life, he didn’t truly understand its power until he encountered Jesus. It’s that moment when the songwriter’s life was forever transformed, when music became much more than just lyrics, chords, and choruses.

Mike grew up in a musical family, but it wasn’t until faith in Jesus became his life’s focus that he started writing. At the age of 14, Mike found his dad’s old guitar and began scribbling down songs for the sole purpose of responding to the Lord. Those quiet moments of contemplation, time spent in the Word and connecting with God through song, are what inevitably led to Mike leading worship at church and youth gatherings.

Mike realized about a year into his tenure that no matter where he was in life, songwriting and worship leading were always going to play an integral role. It wasn’t a hobby, a job title, or even an exciting career move. It was a calling—a calling the Fort Wayne, Indiana native took seriously.

In addition to leading at his local church, Liquid Church in Fort Wayne, Mike also began traveling regionally with his band. Fueled by the desire for believers to “not only see God, but respond to His call,” Mike also began teaching and ministering the Word.


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