Steve Douglas & 48th Guitar

Steve Douglas a drummer for 20+ years, at age 48 he had two items left on his pre-50 bucket list: 1) Learn to surf 2) Learn to play guitar. He accomplished both and today has played over 300 gigs throughout the US and surfed Rincon CA, Santa Barbara CA, Carpinteria CA, Daytona Beach FL, and Puerto Vallarta, MX. The name of the band, 48th Guitar, comes from his accomplished bucket list at age 48. The band is comprised of top musicians including, Chuck on Drums & Vocals, Gary on Bass, Alex on Lead Guitar, and Steve on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Steve says, "I feel so fortunate to have such talented musicians surrounding me, they make me look good!" We bring a little California Country to you and we hope you like our style!


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