FUE (pronounced “few”) is an alternative Christian band from DeKalb, IL. FUE began in 2009 as a group of friends playing together as a worship team at Campus Ministries International and over time evolved into their own unique original style of music. Their music blends the power of modern alt while capturing your ear through the intense emotional vocals of lead singer Joanna Rutzky. The band is rounded out with Isaac Flex on bass, and brothers Tim and Aaron May playing guitar and drums, respectively. FUE has spent the past several years playing shows at festivals, schools, churches, bars, and music venues throughout the U.S. sharing the positive message and energy of their music with a larger audience. 


  • 2010 Halllelujah
  • 2011 Sweet Obsession
  • 2012 FUE-Live at Elbo Room
  • 2013 Resist
  • 2013 Winter’s Eve (on the Dancing Pony Production imprint) 

Band Highlights:

  • 2011 Cornerstone Festival, New Band Showcase
  • 2012 The Objective Sessions Showcase
  • 2012 The Extreme Tour
  • 2013 Resist the Fear-Pursue the Dream Tour
  • 2013 Alive Festival, Indie Artist Stage
  • 2013 Unisono Festival, Chairman’s Choice, Main Stage
  • 2014 Arms Cover Project Music Video Exceeds 13,000 views


“FUE is an artistic powerhouse. The trio of songs on Hallelujah are hymns of praise presented as a formidable group effort. Joanna Rutzky’s crystalline vocals resemble a finely polished Barlow Girl. The May brothers prove to be a highly talented and excellent back up ensemble.”

Kelly O’Neil, ReviewYou review of Hallelujah 

“While some faith-based acts shroud their lyrics in metaphor to broaden their appeal, DeKalb’s FUE instead blanket their brooding alt-pop in mystery. The lyrics on the three-song Hallelujah EP make no game of their provenance, though the songcraft from this familial quintet relies on carefully assembled tension that represent grey areas of modern faith-based living.”

Steve Forstneger

GRAY MATTERS is the sophomore release from the Chicago-based indie band FUE. GRAY MATTERS features 10 new original songs and boasts a departure from FUE’s piano and guitar driven sound, instead presenting a sonic landscape to the band’s music. Lead singer Joanna Rutzky describes GRAY MATTERS as a collection of songs that were written out of personal events in the band’s lives over the past couple of years, making this their most intimate release. “In life it seems that we would like things to have clear black and white answers, but many times there are situations that fall into the ‘gray’ areas. It’s in these gray areas that we have to navigate through to find out who we are and what we believe in the midst of that,” explains Rutzky. The concept of GRAY MATTERS resonates with the idea that we all have questions that need answering and feelings of hopelessness at times in life when things just don’t make sense. “Our hope is that whoever hears these songs will be able to relate with them because we all go through hardships in our lives and it’s comforting to know that we are not alone. Not everything has a clear cut answer, life is full of pain and tension, but hope and love are woven throughout it all and worth fighting for.”


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