Rapaputy Band

The Rapaputy Band is the combined forces of Steve Rapp and Herbie Manuputy. As Contemporary Christian Music artists, they have been playing and writing Christian music most of their lives. Starting their music careers early in life, they've played in secular bands, Christian bands and worship teams. Herbie's playing lead guitar with the late Larry Norman has added to their special mix of musical experience. From LA, Memphis to the Midwest, their style of original Christian Contemporary Rock songs has been in the making since 2002. That's when Steve and Herbie began on this musical journey as God taught them the songs, yielding the band's first CD, Isn't it Time. Playing in local coffee houses and Church worship services, they ministered together as God continued to add new, original songs to their repertoire. The duo teamed up again in 2009 to release the band's second CD, Let ME be the One. They got a call from Tate Music Group in late 2010 and went to the TMG studios in Mustang, OK, where they laid down tracks for their, Willow Tree project released in September 2011. TRB was joined by, Mike Pipes and Dean Cantrell in May of 2014 to begin work on the bands 4th CD project, New Day in the Making with planned release date in June or July of 2015. TRB anticipates start of their 5th CD project to be recorded at TMG late 2015 as God teaches them the songs in preparation for this New Day in the Making.



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