The Shannons, a Southern Gospel family based out of Muncie, Indiana have been singing Gospel music for over 35 years, and still going strong. The members are James, Wilma, their two sons Shawn and Chris, their daughter-in-law Stacey and Dustin.

With one Guitar, a prayer, a dream, and a lot of faith and determination, deifying the Nay-Sayers, who said, “It wouldn’t last” James and Wilma stepped out with a prayer in their heart, and started singing as a duet. In the late seventies, they were joined by their oldest son Shawn, who started playing bass guitar and singing. He now is the manager of the group.

By the mid eighties, their youngest son Chris joined in singing some, and playing the bass guitar. Shawn started playing the piano at that point. Their daughter-in-law, Stacey, joined the group in 2000. She sings, plays the keyboard, and has been known to do instrumentals playing her violin on occasions. Lexiana Faith Shannon, was born October 2, 2009, and will be on stage in no time, if history is any indication of what is to come? The newest member, Dustin Bradshaw, joined the group fall of 2011.

What you notice first about The Shannons is the heart-felt sincerity they have for each other, and the happiness they make you feel when you are around them. Their hearts are definitely filled with a lot of love, and that speaks volumes, as to why so many fans across the nation come out to hear them sing. The messages in their songs are joyful, strong and very heart-touching. You can see why they are so loved by their fans?

In 2006, when recording one their project CD entitled “From the Heart” The Shannons record producer in Nashville Tennessee at the time, Eddie Crook, made a quote inside the liner which stated, The Shannons epitomize the term “Family Group” led by James and Wilma, they are blessing people everywhere with their sincere, spirit-filled singing.

However, The Shannons will be the first to tell you, that life hasn’t been a bed of roses, just like everyone else; they have had their share of troubles and trials. James said, “We had to come through a lot of adversities on this journey, but we never let it get us down, we kept pressing on, because we knew God was leading us in the right direction.”

The Shannons have traveled all over the country including Canada, singing and ministering in Churches, Auditoriums, Festivals, Fairs and etc. To date, The Shannons have recorded 14 Albums, 4 DVD’s, and writes most of the songs they record, and many of their songs have been recorded by other Gospel artists.

The Shannons have had several national releases, which made many of the Gospel Music Charts. “Sanctified (Written by James and Wilma), Daddy, Nicodemus, He’s Everything To Me, Feel That Feeling, Trading My Cross For A Crown, Heaven’s Tour, (All written by James and Shawn), and Way Down Deep. The “Seeker” made it to number 4 on the Radio Active Air-Play back in September 2008. Their current single, “He’s On My Side” has been released to Radio stations, and is doing very well.

The Shannons are actively involved in many charity organizations, including, The American Heart Association, where Wilma is an active Advocate, Go Red for Women, The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association, The American Stroke Association, and many others.

When The Shannons were asked, what does their ministry mean to them, or how they would like to be remembered? They replied by saying, “All we want is to be a light to the world, and if just one person sees Jesus in us, and comes to know him, then we have been successful.




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