theSurrendering is a not-for-profit musicianary ministry, based in Indiana. The acoustic, worship, and original Christian music duo is husband and wife, Joe and Rebecca Congleton. The couple has served as worship leaders at their home church, Harvest Chapel Tri-County, in Williamsport Indiana since the church was founded in 2008. In August of 2013, they intend to step out into full-time music-ministry, traveling nationwide, as the Lord leads, to bring the message and love of Christ to the unsaved and to the believer, through music, teaching and Christian service.

Joe and Rebecca have chosen to depart from the traditional mechanics of the Christian music industry, in order to more sacrificially surrender their talents and lives to the true calling of Christ and abandon self-promotion and the search for “success”.

Although they have been called to function differently than the typical “professional” Christian musician, they simply see it as a unique calling, not necessarily a higher one. They have formed valuable and lasting relationships with many musicians and industry professionals, who they greatly admire and respect as fellow workers in the Kingdom.

theSurrendering has had the honor of performing with Fireflight, 7eventh Time Down, Ashes Remain, NeedtoBreathe, Jars of Clay, Plum, Jonny Diaz, Seventh Day Slumber, Nine Lashes, Shine Bright Baby, Children 18:3, and many more amazing bands and artists.

As music-missionaries, Joe and Rebecca, and their two children, will be sent-out with missionary support. They will not be pursuing record deals, making expensive videos or charging hefty performance fees. They will be offering their lives and talents for whatever offering or donation is presented, in whatever place they are needed, to whomever needs to hear the message they bring.

Vision Statement

theSurrendering is a husband-and-wife musicianary duo. Our calling and vision is to use the gifts of teaching, praise and worship leading, songwriting, and “performing”, gifts and talents entrusted to us by our Lord, to bring the message of Salvation through Christ to the unbeliever and to bring encouragement and comfort to the Christian.

Using music as an avenue to present the Gospel, we include our personal testimonies, and short teachings (1-3 minutes) into our music ministry. Our original music style is acoustic-contemporary, with elements of folk, rock, and blues. Our music is honest, dynamic and captivating. We are also worship leaders, and Joe is a gifted bible teacher.

We do not seek notoriety or profit. We surrender ourselves, and submit, to the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, our lives and our talents, so that His name would be glorified, not ours.

We carry with us a letter from our home-church Pastor, Greg Tyra, Harvest Chapel Tri-County, Williamsport, Indiana. This is a letter of support and validation from our pastor, to show our accountability to a fellowship of believers. The letter also explains that Joe is a capable and called bible teacher, who has studied the Word and led a bible study for over a year. theSurrendering (Joe and Rebecca Congleton) served as worship leaders at Harvest Chapel Tri-County for five years, prior to their departure as full-time musicianaries to the United States.

We greatly desire to bring the message of Christ’s salvation to those outside the confines of the church building, so we make ourselves available for outreach events and concerts primarily, but we also love to lead the church in worship, and both facets of our ministry are important to us.

We travel with our two children, Brodge (12) and Olivia (9). We are adoptive parents (to Brode) and former foster parents. We feel a special calling to minister to foster families and children.

Unlike most musicians, we do not have a firm “performance fee”. We have a suggested donation scale, based on the distance we must travel to minister at your church, outreach or venue. However, we will minister for a simple offering whenever possible. 

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